Council resource toolbox

As you are an elected or appointed council member and dedicated advocate for MU Extension, we want to give you the most accurate and timely information possible. We have designed a resource "toolbox" to have at your disposal the educational information, guidelines, by-laws and tools you need to be an advocate for and be informed about extension.

The council resource toolbox is designed to assist council members and officers to best carry out your office duties and serve the constituents that you represent.

Missouri extension councils

County, regional and state extension council members serve as the interface between MU Extension and elected representatives in local and state government. Council members have many opportunities to be key communicators and advocates  for the valuable programs and work that extension does in communities across the state.

County extension councils

In all 114 Missouri counties, an MU county extension council, of elected and appointed citizens, guides local educational programming. County council members are partners in the entire educational process, from needs assessment through program implementation and evaluation of outcomes.

Regional extension councils

MU Regional Extension Councils include representatives from each county extension council within the region. Each county council selects its representatives. Regional extension councils  are the forums through which county councils cooperate in providing effective, educational programs through:

  • Discussion and exchange of information on regional issues;
  • Recommendations on topics and issues related to regional and county concerns;
  • Assistance in the training of county extension councils;
  • Promotion of and support for multicounty planning and programming;
  • Fostering of the partnership of MU Extension, UMESC and the county councils; and
  • Support for the policies and procedures jointly adopted by MU Extension and UMESC.

State extension council

The University of Missouri Extension State Council promotes the common interest of county councils through:

  • Support for research and extension programs of MU and Lincoln University at all levels of government, and
  • Dissemination of information on the need for, and advantage of, research and extension.

The MU Extension state council is comprised of individuals who currently serve, or have served, on a county extension council and who are elected by regional extension councils.

The council meets the second Friday of each month.

2016 Council to Campus

The 2016 Council to Campus conference will convene on the Mizzou campus in Columbia June 17 and 18. For the past ten years, this event has connected county council members with research and program development at the University of Missouri’s flagship campus. Council to Campus is an opportunity for the University of Missouri, MU Extension and the county extension councils (made up of elected and appointed delegates) to forge new partnerships. Attendees from each county and region have the opportunity to learn more about what extension does and how we work to implement extension programs across the state.

Photos from Council to Campus 2015

Council to campus discussion
The opening pre-session moderated by David Baker, assistant dean and program director for Agriculture & Natural Resources, was on The Food & Environmental Challenges of Feeding our Grandchildren in 2050. Panelists included Sara Parker-Pauley, director of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and Richard Fordyce, director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Council to Campus speaker Dan Cassidy
Keynote luncheon speaker, Dan Cassidy, president of the Missouri Farm Bureau, spoke on our 100-year partnership and why it is imperative to strengthen it in the future.